Monday, August 29, 2011

Jay Cooke State Park

Last week we spent four days up in northern Minnesota. Just the two of us. Mouse spent a week and half on a road trip to the Teton Mountains with my parents.
So Steve and I took advantage of this childless state by taking a quick mini-vacation. Surprising with the help of Bing Maps we picked Jay Cooke State Park. Through Bing we saw how great the park looked for hiking. And it didn't disappoint.
We spent two days hiking through the park. It was beautiful! The St Louis River is full of huge boulders to climb all over. We hiked about 10 miles in those two days. It felt great. Mostly it was great to get out and do what we keep talking about.
My favorite part was the second day. We followed path down to the edge of the river and the climbed out on to the boulders. Once out about midway into the river we took our shoes off and relax with toes cooling in the water. It was one of the most relaxing times in my life.

~ Cassi

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