Thursday, September 22, 2011

The "ber" months and getting back into routines

September is coming to a close, and soon the "ber" or "burr it's cold" months will hit us with full force of holiday gatherings and holiday shopping.  September also brings the "get back into routines" for our house.  The routine of school, home work, after school classes and Awana at church.  Mouse is doing a good job getting back to the routine.  She is just starting to bring home homework.  Last year it was a struggle to get her to start the weekly packet.  This year, I ask her to do a page of homework and off she goes.  It makes me proud to know the summer of eye therapy has helped her so much she no longer has issues with homework.

The seasonal routine of decorating the house started a week ago.  Our fall, and somehow some Halloween (Mouse's idea), decor has been put up. Cassi will show them off here on Monday. I enjoy the pumpkins and fall leaves that we are able to display.  The next plan is coming up with a Halloween scene for the front deck area.  There is a list of ideas, is there time to get to any of the ideas done? 

The TV routine is also starting up in October.  One of Cassi and I's favorite TV shows, Psych, is back with new shows on USA!  We are both very excited.

On a side note I want to wish my parents a Happy Anniversary Month.  They got married in September of 1968.  Both are retired and enjoying their travels.


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