Thursday, March 17, 2011

Update on Mouse

I thought I would post an update on Mouse's reading issues. We are starting her in an alternative learning program. 
Mouse on our way to Chicago
We found it through talking with our tax lady of all weird God things. She was asking if we had any tutoring expenses to write off and I said no but we will since Mouse is falling behind in school. Our tax lady  is a friend of the family so she asked what was up. We started telling her that we were looking into dyslexia or ADHD to try and figure out what is causing the delay. That the teachers at Mouse's school are confused to since verbally she is more like a 6th grader. The tax lady asked if we had her vision checked. Then told us about her kid that went through this vision therapy (it was first established to train better eye coordination for hockey players). So we set up an appointment and wow within three test they were able to see what was wrong.The program has a great track record and we mentioned it at school and a few of the teachers knew of it and liked it. So we are giving it a shot.
Mouse outside a Children's Book Store
Mouse's left eye doesn’t compute what it’s seeing. Her left eye physically is good (so she should have 20/20 vision) but the muscles don’t tell the brain what its seeing correctly. All she sees is blur out of that eye. 
Mouse at a waterfall in WI
Then we went to the eye doctor to see if he thought the same thing. He immediately recommended a vision therapy for her. He was very pleased to hear we were already getting her set up. And we were happy to have a second party confirm the problem.

The program (called Vision Dynamics) also thinks this is why she is having such a hard time in reading.

**Pictures were taken with my phone thus bad quality**
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