Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dyed Flutter Sweater

I had a white sweater (you can see it here 2nd outfit) that had seen better days. So I took some Rit Dye in Wine color and threw it in with a t-shirt.

First Rit says to stir constantly for 60 minutes! Are they serious!?!?! Yes, they are. I did not stir for the entire time and I paid the price. Both shirts had a few spots of light and dark spots. That is when the idea to try one of the DIYs that I have seen in blog land.

I cut up the t-shirt into hearts. They were about 2 inches in size.
I then laid out the hearts one right side up and the other upside down with their tips overlapping on to the sweater. I laid out the strips of hearts to covering the dye spots. Then I hand sewed a knot where the two hearts overlapped.
I then added a few strips to each side to make a more unified look to the sweater.
Check out the entire look tomorrow on What I Wore Wednesday.

~ Cassi

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