Saturday, August 20, 2011

Inspire Me ~ Chair Style

With the basement getting closer to furniture time, I have been stalking Craigslist like crazy for new furniture. We have had our upstairs furniture for 10 years and 2 years with slipcovers. It is time for new furniture all around.
We will need a couch and two chairs with some tables for upstairs and a sectional with possibly one chair downstairs.
And thankfully Craigslist has provided us with two great starts. I found (Steve picked them up) a chair for $5!! Yes, you read that right. Then two days late I found an armchair for $30. Both were the neutral beige color I was looking for upstairs.
This is the $5 one!! There is some slight damage to the caning. So I might fix that later.  But it is not that noticeable. I may leave it.
This was my second find. In this picture it looks like there is a rip in on the right side, it's not just something in the background. It is a beige and cream tweed material. I love the lines and the tufting. Now I just need a brown couch to sit opposite these two beauties.

I am hoping to this type of look for the upstairs.
Picture from Pinterest.
What great finds have you found on Craigslist?

~ Cassi

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