Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Two Steps back

I was going to post about the Bible story of Mary and Martha, but that will have to wait. (next week, I promise)

This week, I don't feel like entertaining anyone. I am tired. Physically I am tired, we did a lot of work around the house this week. My arm is throbbing from the hand sanding I was doing for hours on Sunday.

But more mentally, I am drained. Steve and I are trying to get our marriage to resemble a true marriage. It's a lot of work. Some days I feel like we have it and others. I feel like we have taken two steps back. Today, I feel like we took two steps back and trip down the stairs.

Like a wind blew and sparked the smoldering embers that are still among the ashes of the fire.

Do you have those days? When all that you have done or tried to do seems to not be enough? When you call out to Where are you, God? Help me.. Help Us!

I know he will answer. Just sometimes I wish it was louder and clearer and quicker.

Sorry this post isn't happy or uplifting, but some days I am too tired.
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