Monday, May 16, 2011

Come Relax

Last summer, while on vacation Steve and I saw this sign that we thought would be great for the front patio. But, we didn't want to pay the price they had on it at the boutique. So we wrote down the saying and then put the idea on the back burner. Until about Halloween.. Yes you heard that right I started this project in October. You can even see the pumpkin in the pictures.
So we took a aged piece of 1 by 6 that we had in the garage. First we painted it maroon, then gray then finally white. After all the coats dried, I sanded the edges for the colors to show through. And this is the way it sat until last week.
 Last week, I brought the board inside to add some words. I printed out the words on standard paper. Using the printed paper I laid them out on the board to find spacing and taped them down on one edge. I then placed carbon paper underneath and traced the letters. After that I hand painted the letters using black acrylic paint.
 After the paint dried, I took it back outside and sanded it again. Mouse and the neighbor boys helped with this one. We then sealed it with spray matte sealer. Steve and I then went to the hardware store to find the hangers. We settled on carabeaners and hooks. We hung the sign underneath the upper portion of our house. It is perfect behind the patio.
Doesn't Steve have nice legs :) We still have more to do, like repaint the shutters (black) and to paint the patio light gray. Oh and one day we will get some red Adirondack chairs for the patio.


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