Friday, April 22, 2011

Changes to the blog

Yes, this should be my inspire me Friday post. But we are making changes here to Bright Forest. For the better I believe. As you have seen the last two Thursdays Steve is starting to write for the blog, bringing the male perspective about life and the restoration of our marriage. I am very excited for this addition.

We are using this blog (as all of us do who blog) as a journal of us. We have also recently bought journals. This is something neither of us have really done before. And it throwing out the question of journaling to the blogging community one comment particularly struck me. "Remember to journal the good, you want to be able to look back and not have a skewed perspective."

This week it struck me that I rarely document the fun, funny times of our lives. My friend Kandi does it so well here. Steve and I decided that Fridays will now be the day we will document some of the funny things that have happened to us but in the past and currently. Now I am not as good of a story teller when it comes to funny stuff and I am sure some of them will be "You had to be there" but I hope to make you smile. As Steve said we need to smile more.

So first funny story:
Mouse loves to contemplate life late at night. Mostly I think it is her way of staying up late. But she loves to say "Mom I think we should talk". And really how can you say no to that because someday she will quit asking.
So the other night Mouse tells me "I think I want a boyfriend" Really!?!? WHY?!?! My Mother instincts scream. But I calmly ask her Do any of your friends have boyfriends? "No" She responds.So why do you want a boyfriend? "I just feel like I should probably have one that is all"  I am starting to get confused at this point. I ask her if there is a boy she has in mind. "No" Oh, my pulse comes back to normal.
So yes the pictures has nothing to do with the story but it's cute.
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