Thursday, April 21, 2011

Looking for the stairway

At 35 I find myself wondering if I will get to heaven. In my younger years I thought I was golden, I would get in no matter what. I had an ace up my sleeve. The ace was a Russian woman that I worked with, Tatiana. I trained Tatiana in a production faucility. She got to know me and I got to know her traditions and how home life for her family was different then mine. She had many kids, I had two other brothers. Religion was talked about freely by Tatiana. It made me smile, maybe proud, that Tatiana would freely speak of her religion in a production environment where most of us worked just for the money and kept our opinions to ourselves. Near the end of our time working together I was helping her on the computer and was frustrated. I said "gosh" and she scolded me. I was shocked. Gosh is just a word...not to her. It was the same as using God's name in vain. After expaining that to me she also said she prays from me daily. Wow, this lady with many kids and burdens takes time to pray for me. That's it, I'm headed to heaven no matter what!

Years later I am asking myself the question...will I get to heaven? The church we attend speaks of what it takes to get to heaven. It's not easy and I now realize that my Ace was just a crutch for me. Tatiana is praying for me, I don't have to. With the sermons of our new pastor I find myself praying more, paying attention more on what to do to get to heaven. I also want to show Mouse how to live the right life, the good life. To show Cassi I am the right man for her.

My life's record so far will not get me to heaven. I will stand at the gates and the good list and bad list will be reviewed and a decision will be made. My hope...lead the rest of my life the way it is meant to be lived with love, faith and family. Listen at church, work toward heaven in my daily life.

Matthew 21
Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven.

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