Thursday, April 14, 2011

Learning How To Smile

I have asked to participate in the Bright Forest Blog. I tease that I am hijacking the blog but really I want to be involved and work Bright Forest together. I only read a few blogs and they are sports related. This is my first post, ever. is something I rarely do. Take the picture for example. This was taken in Seattle years ago. Great trip, great weather, not a great smile. I was having a good time that day too, catching crab that we would cook up later and something called a dog shark that had some sort of stinger on it. Why am I not smiling? Easy answer, didn't know I was getting my picture taken.

Real answer, hate getting my picture taken because I don't have a good smile. Most pictures I don't have a smile or it is a forced smile.

I am working on changing this. Working on Restoring the Bright Forest with smiles. More smiles at home, in the vehicles, anywhere. More jokes, teasing, fun stories. Why?? Because we both need and want it. Cass reminds me daily to smile and I love that she does this.

In looking for pictures I went through our Jamaica pictures from last year. I chose this pic to show what I want and work toward. Big smile and closeness. And an awesome shirt I just gave away last week!

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