Monday, December 13, 2010

Altered Sweater - Child

Mouse is growing, every day it seems like I am finding more and more clothes that don't fit. Thankfully, I can sew and she loves to help design new looks. Let's take this sweater, it has shrunken a bit length wise on her, so with some reworking, we've now made it last the season.
The sweater is pretty basic with a velvet trim where the buttons are. I left the sweater completely intact.
First I add some of the twisted fabric flowers up by the collar. If I am adding to it I might as well ad some detail work.
To ad extra length, I used an old t-shirt. I cut the t-shirt into two strips, one at 5 inches and one at 7 inches. I then took them and ran them through the sewing machine at the looses settings. This made them easy to scrunch. I laid them out, longest one first on the bottom of the sweater, then add the shorter one on top of the long one. After pinning them in place, I sewed them to the sweater.
And here is the finished product.
I also made this headband the other day. This one was done the same as the pin made here.
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