Monday, November 29, 2010

Fabric Flower Pin Tutorial

I made this three fabric flower broach the other day. I used burlap (left over from these place mats), some white fabric that has been left over from numerous projects, and some white thin cotton that I can't even remember where I used it. I also used a vintage button from my massive button collection.
I love my button collection. I have received buttons from tons of different people. When my new work space gets finished in our basement, I am going to organize them by color, it will look so pretty!
Ok, I will get back to working on the pin.
For the burlap one, there has been tutorials all over the blogging world for this one so you can skip this one if you like, just scroll down. Otherwise, start by cutting out circles in your fabric for the size flower you want. I cut out 11 circles, One of them I used for the base.
Then you fold the circles into quarters (half then half again). Then you hot glue them on to the base in a circle pattern.
See like this picture. I did two layers of this, for the second layer I laid them over the separation marks of the first layer. Then I took the last two and folded them in quarters again and glued them upright in the center.
As for the next flower well that one was really easy.
This picture is suppose to be of a bunch of white fabric circles but it was on a white tray and bad lighting so really it just looks like a crappy photo. I think I cut our about 8 or 9 circles. I also cut out one more circle in the burlap for a base. These ones I cut our smaller then the burlap because I wanted varying sizes on the pin.
I then scrunched up the thin fabric and hot glued it to the burlap. I did this with all the layers until it got to the desired fullness. Yep, that was it. I know, hard right! As for the third flower you will have to check out this tutorial since I forgot to take pictures of it getting made. Once all three were made I glued them all to a piece of felt. Then trimmed the felt so you couldn't see it. After that I glued it to a pin.
For the pin, I actually use an old round pin. I have a HUGE collection of pins. You know those kind they give out at parades. I used to do pageants and collected pins from all of the royalty and festivals we would go to. I have no desire for them now. So I have been peeling the top part off of them and using the metal circle and the pin part to make these pretties. The metal circle helps stabilize these larger broaches. And here is the finished product.
I know this whole post is terrible pictures, I have to remember to move to a room with better lighting, when I am working at night.
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