Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ol' Blue Eyes

Ever since we found out we were pregnant S has been making cd complations for Mouse. His favorite when she was born was Frank Sinatra music. She took to it immediately. All we had to do at night is play some Frank and she would calm down and go right to sleep.
This love of Sinatra never died down, by the time she was four she could sing almost the entire song of Summer Wind. She still listens to Frank every night.

But the best
A few of her girlfriends were over a couple weeks back and they asked her to put on some music to dance to. Mouse said sure what did they want. They asked for Hannah Montana, Justin Bieber, etc.. She pipes up I don't have them but Frank Sinatra is good.

Then last night at dinner she tells us how annoying it is that the girls in class only want to talk about Justin Bieber. "And really he can't even sing" is her words. I asked her what she says to them about who her favorite is. Mouse says I tell the it's Frank Sinatra at least he can sing.

I love that she doesn't follow the crowd. Everytime she stands her ground for even the little things it makes me think that maybe jr high/ high school won't be so bad.
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