Friday, November 19, 2010

Inspire Me Fridays

I am still working on that necklace. Hopefully I will be able to post it next week. This project has made me look at jewelry both old and new in a whole new light. I really appreciate jewelry makers work so much more now. For those of you wanting to branch out into the world of jewelry here is some great ones that your fellow bloggers have been doing. 
Style Me Pretty
Seriously that is a lot of beading! Do you know you have to pretty much put each one of those pearls on the ONE AT A TIME! I didn't realize that about beading I thought there would be a simpler route. But I do love this pearls are always classy and fun. I also like that she used these great end pieces to add (in my opinion) some toughness to the look. Great mix!
Creature Comforts
This one seems so simple to make. And yet it is soo perfect. I have gone back and forth on if I like this style of necklace that is until I saw this one. Everything about it is perfect. I love the stripes and the pop of red and then the cameo. I love cameos (how do you make that plural?) I am going to have to make this one. Where do you find mini cameos?
Flamingo Toes
Now here is one anyone can try for there is NO jewelry making skills needed! I love that. I also really like long necklaces. In fact the one I am wearing now hits my belt. This Anthro-Knockoff is so perfect a mix of beads and fabric flowers. And you could make it in soo many colors, but I really like the neutral aspect of this one. It makes it feel light and whimsy.
If that wasn't enough for you can check out the Red Ribbon Necklace I made a while back, just click here.
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