Monday, November 22, 2010

Starburst Hair clip

I know it's not the necklace. But really I got nothing done this weekend. Instead we spent the weekends with my husband's side of the family for both a Thanksgiving and Christmas celebration. It's early, but see his parents go to Texas for the winter and leave at Thanksgiving and don't come back till almost May. So we get to celebrate everything at once. But last weekend I did make these cute hair clips for Mouse. She choose the centers for each one.
The ribbon I had curled a long time ago for a different project. If you want to know how to do that then click here. The pieces I had made before were about four inches in length so I cut them all in half. I also cut a circle of felt.
Using a hot glue gun I glued the ends to of the ribbon to the felt in a starburst shape. After the first layer was done I added a second row on top of that one. Then I had a few left over and glue them in to fill in the shape.
Mouse then picked out two buttons. I took the turtle button and removed the loop off the back with a pair of fingernail clippers (it was on hand :). Then I hot glued the two of them together and glued them both to the center of the starburst. At the end I glued the felt to a metal alligator hair clip.
I also had some left over blue so we made one for that color too. This one we used three buttons, the center one was from an old pair of jeans.
Don't they look cute on!
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