Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hey Hey

So I decided to try this necklace knock-off that I saw online. WOW is it a lot of work. Lets just say I might not try beading anytime soon after this. Which means I have nothing to share at the moment.
So you may have this random story:
My daughter has been singing around the house, car, store and in her sleep. She is trying to decided which song she should choose for the school talent show. She was first thinking "Monster" by Skillet. Though that idea made this rock-n-roll mama soo proud. I tried to explain to her that might not be the best choice for a 7 year old to do for a school talent show. Her next idea was a Frank Sinatra song, she made her Daddy proud with that choice. But she then decide she was not a boy (yeah I know a guy sings the Monster song too). She then moved on to her favorite band Superchicks. I told her she should do her favorite song "I'm Alive". It is the song with the Frankenstein reference at the beginning. She loves that one. Her comment "Mom, it talks about dying that is not good for school" ( Yeah, Monster has such good positive lyrics).  Her final discussion was "Hey Hey". I have to say I think she made a great choice, it has a very good message. And what a great way to sneak religion into the schools (oh ssh don't tell)! 
Oh did I tell you that the talent show is in MAY!
Oh and the picture not related, just a had a musical reference
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