Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ribbon Necklace Tutorial

I have been busy this week! Some of you may not realize that I also attend college part time. I have a huge paper due today. Which I have not completely finished, 6-8 pages was the recommended amount, I am at 5 1/2 that's close right..right! And really I have had way more important things to do, like make this necklace. I have been wanting to do this since June, that is when the original vintage necklace broke. It just took a week of not wanting to do what I should be doing to get it done. (I have also been working on some other crafty items, but those will have to wait)
So the above picture is what I started with. A very cute vintage necklace that broke (red beads flying everywhere)! To give a visual of what co-workers got to see..Me adjusting my necklace to me giving a half scream (you know those screechy screams) to me frantically trying to grab beads. This included me reaching down my shirt to grab beads, then do what must have looked like the potty dance to try and get them all out of my clothes. Wow, so glad I don't work there no more this is embarrassing in the retelling. So lets move on to the tutorial.
I about 2 yards of 3/4" satin ribbon. Measuring it to the length I wanted the necklace to lie I tied a not, this was about a fourth of the way down. Then I thread the needle with two strands of thread and sewed the knot into the satin knot (you can see it in the picture, I did fix that). Then I threaded the needle through the ribbon twice giving space so the ribbon would fold. Then I added one of the red beads. This continued for another two fourths of the ribbon. I then tied off the thread, tied a knot in the satin and sewed the thread into the know and tied it off again. At the end I knotted the ribbon one more time on each end to hide the thread. And here is the result.
I am very excited about how it turned out. I still need to fray check the edges of the ribbon. I am also finished a dress for one of my dear friends. She had a baby last month and I was finally able to match schedules to see her. She has a sock monkey theme going on for the little girl. But since she didn't know what she was having during the shower, I gave her a bag of material. Then I took it back saying once she had the baby I would make her a gender specific outfit. Well she had a girl and got a dress from me. I hadn't made this style of baby dress before, it was easier than I expected.
Now really I should finish that report!
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