Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What has happened to Prime time TV

Is it just me or has prime time TV matured a lot over the years.
I have noticed lately that the commercials on TV are horrible for children. Now I am talking about basic channels. When our daughter is awake we watch about three channels beyond Disney and Nickelodeon. Those channels consist of the ABC Family Channel, the FoodNetwork and Home & Garden TV. And to clarify I consider prime time anything before 8pm.
While watching the FoodNetwork at around 7:30pm during a cake challenge with our 7 year old, who loves that show! There comes a commercial on the FoodNetwork; the commercial shows a blonde woman talking about would she rather makeout with some guy or cook. Then she says you should watch her show "B**ch'n Kitchen". This promptly was answered by my child "Yea, B**ch'n Kitchen". Just great FoodNetwork that is just what I wanted my kid to learn.
Then on ABC Family Channel there is commercials for horror movies at the same time they are showing kids movies. And these commercials are enough to make me flinch. I shouldn't have to be worried about what comes on TV durning Aladdin or Back to the Future.
So really I ask what has happened to what they use to call family TV time? Or more importantly when Grandma calls to yell at me for teaching my daughter a bad word. Can I transfer the phone call to a FoodNetwork executive?
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