Friday, November 26, 2010

Inspire Me Fridays

My goal as of late is to make some wreathes. In fact Tuesday I brought home styrofoam circle, S asked me why I needed another one. I told him the are all different kinds to make different ones. See this summer I bought at a thrift store a HUGE embroidery hoop to make Mouse a rag wreath for her door. She had a tinsel one up in hot pink that we got around Christmas time. But I really think that one might be scratching the door. So I want to change that one to one more like this.
Garden Mama
But hers will be shades of pink, black and white. Mouse has an obsession with those three colors.
The styrofoam circle was to make one of these.
The Nester
I love this look. It is so full and textury (that is a word, trust me, don't look it up just trust me).
I also want to make one of these when I have an office/library again. Right now that room is craft/office/storage room as the basement gets finished.
The Lovely Paper Shop
Won't this look great surrounded by shelves and shelves of books.
Now if I was more ambitious I would try making one of these
Cheese, Wine and Chocolate
Isn't it great! For those that know me, know I LOVE marshmallows. S'mores, rocky road ice cream, marshmallow stuffed anything and I am all over it. So I am not sure if I could make this wreath without eating half of it.
Oh and we have one of these outside.
Our Christmas colors this year are shades of Green and Gold. So I was excited when Mouse's school was selling these this year.
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