Monday, November 9, 2015

Sketch a Day

I have truly enjoyed getting back into art these past few years. This month I decided to challenge myself to sketch even more, by joining a daily sketch prompt on Instagram. It started with Leslie Zeller (Recipe for Crazy) in October, she posted a list of words from which to sketch off of. Then this month she handed it off to Lori Danelle (Home Again Creative) who came up with Novembers list.
The list is simple words that are both fun and outside my comfort zone. Like yesterday's word of cake, I don't think I have ever drawn a cake before. But I did and had a great time with it.
Today's word was smile, this one was hard. I did a Pinterest search for smile illustrations. I found a camera I liked a picture similar to this and combined the two. Through this process I know I will become a better artist, because practice makes perfect. But also because it forces me to go beyond my own ideas, if fact I kind of liked drawing the cupcake and I really liked sketching a radish.
So come follow along or join us #sketchadaywithhomeagain.
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