Monday, November 2, 2015

Our Werewolf

This year Mouse decided to be a werewolf for Halloween. I snapped this picture of her and her best friend while they were tricker treating. I just love this picture. It shows how their personalities have developed over time.
Her friend is softer, pink and sparkly. Mouse is rougher, punk and flannel. I love that they are both so different yet get along so well.
And for fun here they both are when they were 5 and 4 years old. This was one of the last girly, sparkly costumes Mouse had me make for her. She was an azure butterfly, which was from her favorite book Fancy Nancy.
Oh how much these two have changed over the years. Yet they still stand together in the same way year after year.
Incase any of you were wondering Steve and I dressed up too.
We didn't win the neighborhood costume contest but still had fun. It hard to win when your up against Ralph Macchio! Always a fun night!
~ Cassi

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