Tuesday, October 27, 2015

One of Those Nights

As many of you know I have a side business, Bright Photography. What some of you might not k ow is that my Mom normally second shoots for me during sessions. This has been so much fun. She is able to capture pictures from different angles or closeups while I am further away. We also bounce poses and locations off each other. 
Last weekend we were shooting together and everything came together for her, so I had to share these pictures. The location was beautiful and the sun was just perfect and the photographer (my mom) captured it wonderfully. It helped that the models were pretty darn cute too.
I think our favorite part of the night was when this one looked at the pictures on the camera and "I look beautiful". That is why we love photography, in that instant we made that young girls day. We are able to make people feel special and have the photos to remember that feeling.
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