Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Heroines of the Old Testament Coloring Book ~ Book Review

I am not sure if you have noticed but coloring has come back into style. When Mouse was young I remember thinking coloring books have become very boring. The graphics were simple and the not really inspiring. Jump forward 12 years and coloring books are making a change and adult coloring books are suddenly all the rage.
When I was contacted and asked if I would review "Heroines of the Old Testament Coloring Book" I had to say yes. Here was a chance to see what the new style of coloring book was like.  
Beyond the message of this coloring book being great, this one was much more in-depth in its lines, which means more areas to color. I also felt like the varies lines provided ways to make more shading and detail to the pictures.
I really liked the two page spreads. This really lent it self to telling the story of the women. Mouse and I each took some turns coloring in the pages.  
One of our favorite parts of the books is at the start of each story there is the woman's name. I loved this, it was a beautiful way to know who's story you are coloring. And there was also Bible verses with each name to bring you into the Bible to find out more on these women.
Mouse loves the name pages. She likes lettering like her mom. She is also into rainbow coloring of everything. This has been so much fun to have. Mouse is choosing this book over screen time.
I can't wait to pick up another one.
~ Cassi

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