Thursday, November 19, 2015


Yesterday we spent the morning at the neurologist for this little gal. Mouse has been complaining of bad headaches since the start of school. When she started to complain that she was feeling weak from them, we decided to bring her in.
The primary care doctor wasn't really sure what was wrong so she referred us out to a specialist.
The doctor at the neurology clinic was great for Mouse. She was laid back and joked with her, made her right at easy.
They ran through a bunch of tests and then decided that Mouse most likely has migraines. I really didn't know you could get migraines this young. But they said it is pretty common in teens.
Mouse is pretty lucky they said hers are not quite bad enough for daily medication and that she should try some other options first.
Then we will go back in two months and they will see how she is doing.
It is nice to get answers for her.
It's never fun seeing your child in pain and not being able to help.
I am very glad they gave us some options to help her.
~ Cassi

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