Monday, November 16, 2015

Coffee and Jesus

I first saw this saying on a print by Leslie Zeller (Recipe for Crazy). I knew right then I had to have it. So I bought a small copy for my home office. Since then it has really become my mantra in away it always has been.
I just loved it!
The saying is me and needs to be. It reminds me that I need Jesus more than my coffee. It reminds me to start me day with the one I need more of.
Don't get me wrong I will need the other too.
And I may need more than a little bit of coffee but I will never need less than a whole lot of Jesus.
So when I saw the shirt on Zulily a few weeks ago it was quickly in my cart.
Unfortunately it is no longer on Zulily but, ThreadTank the original makers of the shirt still have plenty in a different style. (I kind of want both styles.)
I alright I am for to  find some coffee.
~ Cassi
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