Friday, October 23, 2015

The Long Embrace

This is Five Minute Fridays so lets link up and write
So I write for Five minute, no edits, no re dos and at the end I will see if there are pictures from my week Instagram feed that match the words of this week.
Topic: Joy
I was listening to co-workers talk this week about an article they had read that said you should hug your spouse for 30 seconds every day. They talked about how weird that felt when they tried it.
I just smiled, for I had been there once too.
After that 30 seconds doesn't seem like enough time to hold on.
When you know the pain that goes with the loss, that embrace becomes a bit more important.
You crave the touch to last just a bit longer.
You begin to take joy from those long embraces.
It's been almost fours years, which seems so long ago and yet yesterday all at the same time.
So hold on to each other just a bit longer this weekend.
Take joy from the touch of the one you love.
Be present in that embrace.
~ Cassi
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