Friday, October 9, 2015

Learning to Trust

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Topic: Trust

A year ago I trusted God with a calling on my heart to bring Illustrated Faith Workshop here to Minnesota. It was a leap of faith for sure. Let me explain why...
I am one of those that throws home parties where no one shows. I even had it once where the sales lady didn't show! Seriously, who does that happen to?? So for God to say to me I want you to bring this workshop here, nerves like crazy. 
With shaking hands I sent off the email to Shanna Noel (founder of the brand Illustrated Faith) and asked if she would be interested in coming here. She immediately responded YES!
 I might have freaked out at this point. 
Beyond my normal worry that no one would show I had the worry if no one showed how would I pay her.  
As orders trickled in at first my faith faltered. I had to continually put this in God's hands. Not that he didn't already have it firmly in his grasps, I just had to let him keep it. 
I wanted to grab it back. 
Control it 
This whole process was a work in my faith. 
To trust the one who has the real control. 
Now the workshop is tomorrow!
People are signed up and excited to come. 
I can't wait to share more about it next week. 

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