Monday, October 12, 2015

Ilustrated Faith Workshop

I talked last week on trusting God to pull off this conference and again he shows me not to doubt. First off meeting Shanna Noel, the founder of Illustrated Faith, was amazing. She can in as a speaker and left as a friend. I am blessed by that so much.
Shanna starts off the class talking through her testimony. She talks through her want to read the Bible but how she just never could get into it. There were so many nods around the room and from myself while she shared. Shanna talked on how God, a supportive husband and a bit of Washi tape, changed her view on the Bible.
We then listened to a brief sermon from her home church pastor. Then we all got busy creating. She walked people through how to use the different products that were there. It was so much fun watching people try out new things, or as Shanna called them "Light Bulb Moments". Hearing people come in saying I am not an artist and leaving saying I can do this, was soo cool!
Picture from one of the attendees
Afterwards we all shared out pages. That was truly unique as each person took something else out of the same sermon. Not only were we able to see what God was laying on their hearts that day but also how each of us creates something beautiful yet different.
The experience was so worth it!

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