Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Tissue Paper Garland

For the Illustrated Faith Workshop last weekend I wanted to make the space look special for the attendees and Shanna. I started by choicing a fun color palatte of Orange, Pink, Teal and Gold. (These might be the colors of my daughter's new room design.) The area I had the most to decorate was the food table. I started with the idea of a paper garland.  
 To make the tassles, start with one piece of tissue paper folded length wise. Then fold it in half width wise. You will then cut 1/2 inch strips in the paper stopping before you get to the fold.
Then unfold the tissue paper and refold width wise. This will have the strips along the outside of the with a center that is not cut. The roll the tissue paper starting at one end going to the other.
This takes time and can get a bit frustrating. I kept folding mine together more so there would be less rolling. I am not sure that was a great idea but it made the process faster. Once rolled you will then folded the rolled tissue in half.
This will make your loop to hang it from. wrap the fold in tape. I used plastic washi tape. It didn't hold well. Next time I would use a stronger tape and cover it in the washi.
Then string the rope through the loops. I tied each of mine to keep them at the right distances apart. Then you are done. I finished off the table with some frames strung with wire to show off different bible journalings I found on Instagram.
 ~ Cassi

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