Monday, August 24, 2015

Walk in Him

 It is just weeks till she starts Junior High. It makes me both scared and excited for this change. She has grown so much in the last year. In so many ways she is ready.
Her grades improved so much that she made it into honors English. This girl who as of just a few years ago was failing English due to vision issues. There was some days we thought Jr High wasn't going happen, now she is going with honors. Proud doesn't even begin to describe it.
But acedemics is only just a small part of Jr High. So much more is peer related. 
That is the part that makes me scared. Junior high is tough and teen girls can be even tougher. 
We as parents can only do so much when it comes to preparing her for this. 
Have we instilled in her a trust in God. Will she turn to pray in time of struggles? 
My prayer is she will walk with him in all her ways. 
~ Cassi

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