Wednesday, August 26, 2015

No Longer a Phone Girl

This week I have been traveling for work. Hello, Cleveland! During this trip I have realized that I am not a phone girl anymore.
I use to be that kid who would wrap herself up in the 20 foot long cord or stretch it straight to get to my room. I would spend hours on the phone with friends. I remember my best friend and I would watch the after school specials together via the phone. We'd watch and as soon as a commercial came on we'd chat about what just happened. I am sure all of this phone business drove my parents nuts. Oh how we would have loved Face Time!
But life fast forwards more years that I would like to count. I have long lost contact with that friend and my phone habits have changed. I struggle to last minutes on the phone with even Steve or Mouse.
No I haven't decided texting is the only way to talk, I am not that young.
I think its the opposite. I want to sit with the person. I want to look in their face, see their reaction. Connect on something stronger than a phone cord. (yes, I realize their maybe a portion that read this that have no idea what a phone cord is)
~ Cassi

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