Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Hiking the North

 In between our reenactment camps we did a lot of hiking on this trip to the great north. One of my favorite parts of Minnesota is what we call the North woods. Lake Superior is the closest I get to an ocean most years and it never disappoints. The waves and rocks call to my soul as much as the thunder of the sea. With this trip we traveled about a third of the way around it. The beauty there is indescribable.
Is this not the most perfect shade of turquoise? I think I may have to paint a room or two this color.
We didn't stay just a long the shore. In fact we hiked quiet a ways into the woods this time in search of waterfalls.
We saw ones in Minnesota, ones on the border and one in Canada. Kakabeck Falls in Canada have to be one of the prettiest falls I have ever seen. All of us loved the shale ledges forming the waterfall.
I would say the entire trip was worth it to see these falls and this site off the cliffs of Lake Superior.
I may be framing this one.
The one thing we didn't really see this time around was some wildlife. Though there were signs up every where that Moose and Bear had been sighted. The closest we came was when Mouse stepped in fresh bear poop. We kept our eyes peeled on that hike but saw nothing.
~ Cassi

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