Monday, August 10, 2015

Back in the Country

This past week our family has been on a road trip to visit the past. Mouse loves history and reenactment center are her favorite. I wanted to do one more family vacation around that before she starts jr high this year and decides they aren't so cool.
For this trip we decided to follow my family history line and worked our way up the Minnesota and Canadian fur trade routes. We started in Minnesota with Pine City, this one we did last year to get ready for this trip. That way this year we could just make the 5 hour drive straight through to Grand Portage. We decided to camp just south of there so we could get some hiking in to, but I will talk about the hikes more on Wednesday.
Grand Portage is the entry point of the fur traders into Minnesota from Thunder Bay and Montreal. It was mid week so their wasn't to many actors out and about but the grounds were beautiful to just walk around. There was also a fiddle player entertaining the crowd with songs from the 1800's. Mouse loved that. Steve's favorite part was the canoe shed, the lady there really walked us through how a birch bark canoe was made and how they were used based on the size of the canoe. I really liked the kitchen there was an actor in there making salted fish. I don't want to eat salted fish but it was interesting to hear about how it was made back then.
From there we drove up to Fort William in Thunder Bay, Canada. this one is huge. There was actors everywhere. Mouse was in heaven. My favorite part was the apothecary the lady working that area really knew her stuff. We talked for quite a while on the different uses for the powders and herbs she had there. Mouse's favorite part was the farm. This one had three barns with chickens, goats, sheep and a cat. Steve really liked the barrel maker.

The other part all of us liked was the reenactment of the fight between the occupied fort and the voyagers. Mouse talked about that the whole rest of our trip. She is sure if she lived back then she would have helped fight for freedom too.  
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