Wednesday, July 15, 2015

July Wants

It's been a while since I did a wants post. This month I have been on an Arts and Organization buying spree. My craft room, which I love, is in need of a reorganization. Mostly my crafting style has changed. When we first built the room I was doing mostly sewing and some scrapbooking. Now I am doing more art work and some scrapbooking with very few sewing projects. This means my large hutch with all the fabric needs to be slimmed down and other things need to go in its place. But art supplies and scrapbooking embellishments don't stack as nice as fabric so I have been collecting various boxes and stands in multiple colors to help organize. I still need a few more pieces, like this.

I also need something like this this for the little things. Mouse is doing the Project Life style scrapbook and I am doing more Smash Journal style so we have a lot of small items now.

I also am looing to get a few more art supplies. I want this brush tip pen, Tombow is suppose to be a great brand.
I also need some more water brushes. these come in so handy while traveling. I really like a good brush and water when I am working at home but for traveling having it combined makes everything perfect!
I am also waiting for this book to go on sale. I love the bird on the front and am excited to read some of the tips within the book.

I think that covers all of my wants for today. Thankfully Amazon is having a Prime Birthday party and some of these items are on sale!! Off to do more shopping.
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