Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Half Over

July Fourth always marks the middle of summer for me. I know mathematically it is not, that I still have a few weeks before that happens. I know by calendar it is also not correct since the beginning of summer is June 21. But I have always thought this way. Now July 4th has come and gone and I feel like I have missed most of summer.
This year we are really busy. In fact my first Saturday where I can sleep in is Aug 15th. Part of me feels like I need to step back but I can't figure out where to do that.
James 4:13-15 (my bible journaling)
This verse from James keeps calling to me. Is my business my own schemes or God's plan for me this summer. My head is swimming with other plans that I feel he is calling me to. Which just means more busy. How do you balance?  
Is stopping to smell the roses (or in my case peonies) just a thing we tell ourselves not really God's objective for us. There is no real point to this post just some pictures I took and my way to talk through all that is swimming around.
~ Cassi
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