Friday, July 3, 2015

Don't Choose Favorites

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Topic: Favorite
"God doesn’t choose favorites among His children."
~ Gal. 2:6

We are called to love like Jesus / God but then when we read passages like these, it hit me on how hard that can be. But as always his message is right on. 
Last week was my annual Red Rock Camp week. For the week I am in charge of Junior and Senior High programming which includes kids, counselors and speakers. 
But it is the kids that this message really becomes important. 
Kids can pick up on that so quickly. 
And as soon as they do or think that they are not your favorite they will shut down. They will miss the message / love of Christ that we are trying to be to them. 
I know I did it a lot when I first started being a counselor. I wish I could go back and change those days. I wonder how many kids I missed because I was too focused on my favorites. 
This year I was impressed with all the staff and kids, I don't think anyone played favorites. 
And it showed!!
The kids cheered each other on in everything!
To give a small example: 
One of the days it rained (a lot) so we were stuck inside. To pass the time we played a game called Bear (Errr), Ninja (Eeee), Cowboy (Bang) its kind of an all body version of rock, paper, scissors. As one person would loose and the next person would need to take their place the kids made sure that each one had a turn. And for those that were nervous about standing in the center of a large crowd they encouraged and cheered. No matter who one the teens were excited. This simple game lasted over an hour! 
It was an amazing example of God's love to me. 
Did we share the gospel? No
Did we bring someone to Christ? No
Did the light and love of God shine through? YES
It was a reminder that it is in the everyday that God does some of his best work in us.
~ Cassi

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