Monday, June 29, 2015

Red Rock Camp

 It feels weird sitting in front of a computer at my desk again. It's been two weeks since I was here. I spent one week in Las Vegas for work. Then I spent the second week working at Red Rock Bible Camp. I can't begin to express how much that camp means to me. This year was my 29th year of attendance, crazy how time flies. I started as a 3rd grader and now help run the camp as Dean of Women and Assistant to the President.
Mouse and her Counselor Em
But what really made me feel old this year, was that my daughter was finally in the Jr High group. She had been waiting for this year since she was just a toddler. It was so great seeing her involved in the Bible study, games and worship.
If you want your kid to experience the Love of Christ, send them to a Bible Camp. These kids were so great! They are amazing at including everyone. To give you an idea, Mouse was able to try her hand at two-hand touch football. This was a game between SR high boys and adults. Then a few small ones like Mouse asked if they could play too. The boys immediately said yes. It was so fun watching her play against her Dad.
~ Cassi

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