Monday, June 1, 2015

50 Year Wedding Anniversary

 This weekend we had the pleasure and honor of attending the 50th Anniversary party for these two amazing people. When I was growing up they lived two doors down from my Grandma's house on the lake. My brother and I were never far from their house when we'd come to visit. And the best part was they never minded. They had kids a few years old than me (like I was the annoying elementary kid who followed their high school kids around). Even their kids were good to us, inviting me to go go-charting with them and their friends, though I am sure I was a pain.
They took my brother fishing any time he wanted which was a lot. They taught us to ice fish. They taught us hospitality. And for that I am every grateful.
Fast forward 23 years, (my Grandma moved from the lake when I was twelve) beyond a few brief hellos when they would come down to my Grandma's, I lost touch with them. Then out of the blue my Mom and Grandma plan a trip up to see them.
Again they show us true friendship.
They plan a boat trip around the lake my Grandma lived on (even though they have moved to another lake). They bring us back to the spots we remembered when I was young. They let others in the community know my Grandma was going to be into so they could say hi. They teach my daughter to fish.  I will always love this picture of her and I on their dock, I love when life comes full circle. 
Congrats and thank you
Marvin and Marlene

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