Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Sole Hope Party

Sole Hope, Shoes for Africa, Jiggers
Mouse and I were so excited when my woman's bible study decided to have a Sole Hope party! I have been wanting to go to one for ages and just never seemed to be around when someone hosted one.
What is Sole Hope? If you don't know, please go check out their website for the full scoop but here is a bit from there.
Core Purpose
To effectively put in place preventive methods to combat diseases that enter through the feet and to create a positive physical and spiritual difference in the lives of individuals in impoverished communities.
 Core Values
Relief: We believe in addressing the very real and present problems associated with the feet through medical intervention as well as taking preventative physical measures.
Education: We believe that education of the youth and their caretakers is essential for long-term solutions.
Sustainability: We believe in supporting communities and teaching the trade of shoe making. We innovate and demonstrate solutions that combine the best of indigenous and contemporary practice to create sustainable skills and employment.
Sole Hope, Shoes for Africa, Jiggers
I love how this company lets others get involved at such a ground level. The party starts by everyone bringing an old pair of jeans, a milk or water jug and $10 (per pair of shoes you are going to cut out). Then when you get there you watch a heart wrenching moving on the plight of shoeless children in Africa. It was hard not to cry as I held Mouse during the video and thought of her little feet. Mouse on the other had doesn't get emotional like that, instead she gets motivated. Once the movie was over she was ready to go.
In fact her words where maybe you should have brought more jeans! 
Sole Hope, Shoes for Africa, Jiggers
Thankfully I brought an old pair of wide legged jeans, because she was ready to go. Mouse took charge of tracing out the patterns on the jeans. With careful placement she got three pairs of shoes from the one pair of jeans we brought.

Sole Hope, Shoes for Africa, Jiggers
She had me man the cutting station. I cut out the different piece from the fabric and the milk jug. The plastic jug is used for the heal of the shoes to give them a bit more protection and support.

Sole Hope, Shoes for Africa, Jiggers
And that is it. Truly that is how easy Sole Hope makes it for you to get involved and make a difference! Out group counted up the patterns we cut out, I wish I could remember how many we made that night I think it was close to 30.

Sole Hope, Shoes for Africa, Jiggers
We then send the cut patterns back to Sole Hope and they send them on to Africa where they are turned into shoes. What is great is that it does more for the community than just give shoes, it gives fair wage jobs to those assembling the shoes. Using our pattern and old tires for soles they people in Uganda are able to learn a trade get paid and give back to their community. Then the team delivers the shoes and does a jigger removal for each kid receiving the shoes.

Sole Hope, Shoes for Africa, Jiggers
To get involved check them out Sole Hope
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