Wednesday, May 13, 2015

What I Wore Wednesday ~ StitchFix Review May

StitchFix, Minnesota, Fashion, review
I know StitchFix is suppose to be a small part about the surprise, but I have never been good at surprises. So every time I get the email telling my Fix is on the way, I immediate go to the checkout screen and start Googling the items in the cart.
This time I had asked for some tank tops and a fun dress. When I image searched the items listed I was so disappointed, none of it looked fun or what I asked for. The only thing that I saw was the tank above which I had pinned so was happy about that.
StitchFix, Minnesota, Fashion, review
Then my box arrived and WOW, I was pleasantly surprised by the whole thing!
None of the items looked like what I had Googled except for that first tank. This one showed as a long sleeve peach number, I was so happy to see this instead. I had asked for this one. The linen tank will be perfect for summer.
StitchFix, Minnesota, Fashion, review
The dress showed on Google as black and white dress, which would be fine but I own a lot of black and white. I was really happy to open this cream, black and pale pink number. The dress is super comfortable and the pale pink is really pretty.
StitchFix, Minnesota, Fashion, review
They also sent this necklace that I really liked, which again looked nothing like the pictures I found.
So what did I keep?
Well, I also received a pair of pale pink khaki pants that I were not pretty so those were sent back. Since I knew I was returning one item and there for would not get the discount for buying all the items, I also returned the necklace. I may still regret that but I do have similar ones already.  The rest I kept, it was the most I have ever kept from a Fix.
This box is the reason I keep getting them, I love being pleasantly surprised by what they send.
Not sure what to wear for the holidays go check out StitchFix.
Also check out the other girls on Pleated Poppy (What I Wore Wednesday).
~ Cassi
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