Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Paint Nite! Review

A few weeks ago  some girl friends and I headed to one of the popular wine and paint nights. To start with it was a lot fun just having a girls night and second it wasn't to bad painting either. 
I love art but painting has never been my strong skill. So starting the night staring at a blank canvas surrounded by people was pretty intimidating.
But the presenter started out the class with pretty easy set by set instructions. We first started by painting in the sky and water. Then a strip of white under the sky and water.

Then we moved on to yellow then orange. Any color out of the primary set we had to create from the five color options we were given. Which I thought was going to be an issue but turned out fine. Though I did use up every last bit of white I was given by the end.

After we had the base of sand, water and sky, we added some very light white washing to the canvas. I did a bit more than others since I knew I wanted mine to be slightly paler than the original. We also then added clouds. This is where I thought we could have used a bit more instructions.

The clouds were finished by adding some darker blue to the base of each cloud. Then we added a moon to the corner. The moon was tough but from a distance it looks fine. Then we started in on the silhouetted sea grass.

Lots of curved black lines and then a bunch to just fill in space and we were done. All that was left was the artist signature.
It's definitely not my best work but painting with friends is a lot of fun.

~ Cassi

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