Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Fifteen Years

Today marks our fifteen year wedding anniversary.
There has been years that I never thought we'd see this day.
There has been years where this day came very quick.
I can say today, that I am truly happy in the choice we made all those years ago.
Yes, I know the number is backwards. I tried to explain that to him, sometimes marriage is letting him be wrong. The picture was actually from new years this year. But it is in this picture that I see us. The years are there but so are the smiles. The number is wrong and that is OK, we've learned to pick our battles and be fine with not always being right.

This picture is from an impromptu date night last week. Our little geeky Geocaching hobby. I love that when I say lets stop here in work clothes and shoes to tramp through the woods he says sure.
He is always open to my crazy ways of doing life.
I love his support in all things.
~ Cassi

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