Monday, March 9, 2015

UnMasked Gala

This weekend my work had it's annual fundraising Gala to raise awareness of Eating Disorders. It was an amazing turn out, the event was sold out.
 It started with a masquerade and silent auction. My job was registering the bidders. It is the best job in the house, I get to see everyone come in,  that means I get to see everyone's dress and mask. There was so beautiful ones of each. Then mid way through the night the masks come off, to symbolize the unmasking of the shame around eating disorders.
Then the continue on the night with some games and a live auction. The night ends with a dance. Over all the night was a huge success, we were all to raise lots of money for our foundation. The foundation uses this money to fund educational talks throughout the country on eating disorders.

It is times like last night, that remind me how exciting it is to work where I do.
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