Wednesday, March 11, 2015

New Glasses

I have had a sudden change in prescription for my eyes, which means I get to look for new glasses.
I have always loved glasses. In fact I am pretty sure I purposely failed my first eye exam in 4th grade just to get glasses. I wanted to pairs one pink and one purple just like my favorite book character.
Now I have been wearing some for of lens for way to long. I would love to get laser surgery done, but they tell me know when my prescription is never the same.
So I go back to contacts and glasses.
I have always trusted myself on picking on glasses until two years ago when I made a horrible choice. I went for fun an funky instead of classic and WOW I regret those clear glasses.
But that has made it that this time I am stressing out, way to much, to pick the right pair.
I know I need a black pair but there are thousands of different styles and shapes.
I think I have settled on one of these three.
I am currently preferring the top pair.
What do you all think?
~ Cassi

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