Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Journaling Bible

In the past month I found a whole new art form and community. This thing they call Bible Journaling with a community at Illustrated Faith. You have the time in your life when you see something for the first time and you wonder how you never saw it before. When something calls you so completely.

When I got back into sketching and lettering after years and years of absence, I made a decision to focus a majority of that time in praise to God. I started with working on my hand-lettering with scripture.

But then I saw a Pinterest a pin with some hand-lettering within a Bible and my whole world opened up. Shanna's Noel blog and Facebook group combined my love of sketching with my desire to get into the Word more.

I am so excited to have found this outlet.  It is a perfect fit for me right now.
~ Cassi

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