Monday, February 16, 2015

End of an Era

We have come to one of many ends this year with Mouse. She has been involved with the the Children's Performing Arts here in our town since was 5 years old. She has played a flamingo in Noah's Ark, a Bill in School House Rocks, a Town's Person in Miracle on Main Street, Sandy in Annie, a Thief in Oliver and a Baker / Prince in Aladdin.

This year was Smee in Peter Pan.  It has been such a please and honor to watch her grow and mature. She really worked hard on auditions and through out the rehearsals.

She and Captain Hook had many scene were they had to ad-lib. Example at one time Captain Hook's microphone base fell off. He quickly states that "Darn, these cellular contraption"; Mouse quickly jumps in with "I told you not to mess with the future Captain". Everyone was so happy with her impromptu line. 

She has liked this so much, she is looking for new ways to expand her acting experience. We are now looking into acting camps and other community theatres. She excited to see where the future will take her. 
~ Cassi

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