Monday, February 9, 2015

Building Props and Designing Sets

Mouse has been involved with a local children's theatre for years now. She absolutely loves it! This year they are doing Peter Pan. She got the lead part of Smee. Mouse is enjoying the lines and humor to this part. 
Steve and I volunteered to lead the sets and props for this production. Thankfully we have had some great and talented helpers. My Dad painted the above mermaid set. It is eight feet high and 10 feet across. 

Then one of the other parents build a 7 foot high working crows nest. While Steve with help built the back of the pirate ship at 6 feet high and 4 feet across. Captain Hook and his crew love it. I will post later on how Steve built the ship's wheel. That is one prop all the kids love! No one can pass it with out giving it a spin. 

We have so many props and sets this dingy Mouse and Captain Hook use to capture Princess Tiger Lily turned out so good. We also built a 12 foot high tree for the Lost Boys hideout.  I will try and post pictures of it this week. 
The kids have worked so hard and are doing so great. Now we are into the final stretch with the performances this weekend. 
~ Cassi
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