Wednesday, January 28, 2015

What I Wore Wednesday ~ StitchFix Review

I started out with Stitchfix years ago and had a lot of fun for the first several months. But then I thought it was becoming tiresome. I was not receiving items I asked for and did not feel like my preferences were being heard. Fast forward, 6 months later, I am bored with my clothes and have no time to shop. So, I sent Stitchfix a message, I wanted to give them another try but I expected more out of them. More like I was hearing from the other bloggers who love them.
Now three fixes into it, I can honestly say I am so glad I went back!
For this one I had sent my stylist Casey (love her) a note saying I was looking for a date night outfit. I also gave her links to two styles that I was looking for. Here they are one and two. I also always say to send me dresses.
Here is what she sent me. The above shirt, which is very similar to the top in outfit one. I really liked it and Steve really liked this one too. I decided to keep it.
I was also sent this jacket, which was also in the picture I sent her. I have never tried on this style before and was sad when it looked better on the hanger. It was exactly what I wanted so  me not keeping it is no fault of Stitchfix.

I also received this sweater, which was really soft and fit great but I am not a fold over collar fan.

The dress I was sent was this one, which I liked on the hanger but the front pleats didn't do my figure any favors. I was disappointed in this one two because on paper/hanger it was the perfect dress for me.
Then I was sent this shirt, it was perfect for the outfit two I  had sent. I love it!! This sweater is so thin and soft, I could wear it everyday. In fact I have already worn it twice since receiving it.
I am so excited for the next box, I asked for a navy maxi shirt this time, we'll see what she finds. This time around when I have asked for something and she can't find it in my price point, size or color; Casey is good to mention it and why she thought another item she sent is a good substitute.
If you are on the fence on Stitchfix or have quit, I would recommend giving them another shot. I can say for my self they have improved.

If you want to check out Stitch Fix, head on over.
Also check out the other girls on Pleated Poppy (What I Wore Wednesday).
~ Cassi

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