Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Teaching Compassion

We have been apart of Compassion International for years. We joined up for numerous reasons and God's not so gentle push. But one of our main reasons was to teach Mouse. 
She's our only child, for a while she was the only grandchild. You can imagine what her life was like, spoiled! But also not that global, we live in rural America. 
We wanted to give her an understanding of how things were outside of her daily scope of life. Yes, we started that young (she was 7). But we felt that it needed to be started young. Before the other things in life got in the way of that ingrained teachings. 
Being advocates for Compassion has increased that knowledge. Whenever Steve and/or I work a booth for them we try and take Mouse with us. She sees the table of cards laid out in front of her. Card after card of children waiting for help, help that we are trying to bring by talking to people who come to the booth. In order to work it, she has had to learn about the countries represented by those kids. She has had to learn about priority kids (kids waiting longer than 6 months for someone to sponsor them). She has had to learn about high risk kids, those living in countries with child slaves. Slaves, yes we are teaching out elementary kid about current slavery, not those that are just in her history books. She has had to talk to prospective sponsors about AIDS. Yes, AIDS she learned about AIDS. It's not taboo in our house. We speak about the diseases that can kill but don't have to with medication. She's now learning it in school, shouldn't she learn it at home first. 
This past weekend she talked to adults without hesitation, with out shame, without fear about tough topics. She spoke clear and honestly and with Compassion about kids her own age that need help around the world. 
With that we helped get 86 kids sponsored!! 
At this compassionate child danced and teared up over the success. 
I think its working, this teaching. 
Check them out, make a child's Christmas this year, become a sponsor. 
~ Cassi

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