Monday, August 11, 2014

Family Camping Trip ~ Trego, WI

This month was my side of the family camping trip. This year we decided to head into Wisconsin for some tubing. Now to start with tubing is recommended for little ones or pregnant people so my brother and his family took a canoe. Second, it is also very slow, so Steve and my Dad took kayaks. Third, if you have kids you should pick a quieter river and go early in the morning to miss the drunk afternoon crowds. OK, disclaimers out of the way.
We had a great time. The weather was perfect and the river though slow was a good start for our daughter to get use to it.  
The place we stayed at Log Cabin Resort, had canoe and kayak rentals for the whole day for a great price so that was fun. Also with the rentals they drove us up to their drop off site and in three and half hours we floated our way back.  
Another disclaimer: reapply sunscreen! I always forget this and ended up with some nice red legs. I don't have any decent pictures of my brother and his family because in the canoes and kayaks you go much fast then the tubes so they were always way ahead of us.  
My parents ended up loving the kayak so much that they are now looking into to buying some. Which would be OK with us because we know they would let us borrow them whenever we want. Mouse definitely loved tubing. She wanted to go again and is already talking about when she can bring a friend. 
After tubing, we headed back for lunch and ice cream. Then one little one went down for a nap while the rest of us went into town to check out the fair. Which by the way was a bit pointless but still something to do.  
For dinner we tried out our new cast iron Dutch oven. Thank you Mom and Dad for the gift. We made Dutch oven lasagna. I will brag it turned out really good. Makes me want to camp in the fall more where hot filling food works better.  
We ended the night with some lamplight cribbage. Cribbage is a tradition in our family. It is so much fun to watch my Dad teach Mouse as his Dad taught me.
~ Cassi 
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